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How to Embed Tweets in WordPress With Gutenberg editor

Engaging with your users on Social Media is one of the most important factors to build your brand’s image and trust.

In the older versions of WordPress you either needed a plugin, custom code in your theme, or iframe method to embed a tweet. Since the addition of Gutenberg editor in WordPress, it has become quite easy, even for a non-technical person- with no programming skills, to add or embed a tweet in a page or post.

Embedding a tweet on a WordPress website is especially useful for sites that use a reference in their news or blog post.

Step by Step guide to embed a tweet in Gutenberg WordPress editor

Step 1: Go to the Twitter website and select the URL of the tweet that you want to embed. You can also click on the Share icon and select Copy Link To Tweet option.

How to copy Tweet URL
Copy the Tweet URL

Step 2: From the WordPress admin panel, click the menu to create a page or a post.

Step 3: In the Gutenberg Editor, click your mouse or tap in the editor area and type ‘/’ (forward slash) with few characters of the Twitter, you will see Twitter Block appearing, select that block. Alternatively, click on the + icon, search for the Twitter Block, and select when the search result appears.

Step 4: Paste the Tweet URL in the input field of the block.

Twitter URL Embed Block of the Gutenberg WordPress Editor
Twitter URL Embed Block of the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Step 5: Update the page and bingo! Your tweet should appear embedded in the page/ post.

If you have followed the above instructions carefully you should be able to view your tweet like how it appears here.

Embedded Tweet in the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

You can also watch a quick video on how to embed a tweet in your WordPress website.





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